A recent visit to the Moldavian monasteries made me understand more profoundly how the faith of the natives acted as the best form of government throughout a tumultuous history, in which the often brutal cultural footprint of the invaders was menacing the very existence of the nation.

To be governed by faith in God – herein lies the apex of political wisdom. It is what Romanians did through the ages, what ensured their survival up to the present day. If you want proof, just look for it in the places of worship sprinkled across the country, and you will find as many testimonies that, in times of tribulation as well as in times of prosperity, God was to the Romanians their most faithful companion.

At one of these churches, I asked the parish priest – who kindly served as a tour guide: “Father, what would the Romanians have been without their faith? Would we still be the same?” His unequivocal response was to me a confirmation of a far too easily neglected truth: without our Christian faith, Romania – as we know it – would not have stood.

“Our faith was our shield in times of need, it was what gave us the hope and energy to realize the many great things that were accomplished for the thrivingness of our nation. I am not mistaken by saying that, having not had their faith, the Romanians would not have held their ground against the many waves of invaders that tried to compel us to embrace their customs, their language and, most of all, their idols” said the priest, adding: “And it is the same faith that will redeem us as a people”.

To be governed by faith in God – herein lies the apex of political wisdom

It was beautiful food for thought and a hope-filled epilogue to a journey which proved to me that, despite everyday attacks directed at Romanians – charges that are not to be seen anymore on the rich fields of Moldavia, Wallachia or Transylvania, but on the radio waves, the TV frequencies and on the Internet, as well as in department stores -, their connection with God is alive, and the years of wanderings in the desert of historical privations have not been unremembered.

Curtea de Argeş Monastery, interior paintings

Curtea de Argeş Monastery, interior paintings Photography: Mihai Vladu

I therefore propose to you that, notwithstanding the accomplishments or failures of our timely rulers, the best government platform for Romania is the unallayed faith in God. Faith only gives present and also future generations the certainty of doing right, the satisfaction of personal sacrifice, the heartwarming sense of contribution, the fraternal spirit that encourages honesty, integrity and tolerance, but most of all the hope that our travail is not in vain.

The trials, of course, are not over for Romania, but if we think of her in terms of faith, rather than borders, we have a better understanding of our country. It is a definition subtly conveyed by the Moldavian and elsewhere monasteries, the perfect description of the Romanian people. Romania is far more than an association of counties, a society comprised of 20 million souls, a consumers’ market or an Eastern European country.

Over and above, Romania is a community shaped and defined by its ancestral faith – something that eludes any arbitrary treaty, any tax measure, any oppressor, be it visible or not.

Teodor Burnar

Teodor Burnar

The Matrix’s Editor-in-Chief. An experienced writer with 11 years in Romanian media and 3 books under his belt
Teodor Burnar

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