The Secretary of The Embassy of Indonesia, astonished by the Romanian landscapes: „You have better things to show than vampires!”

„Don‘t hide behind those vampires, as Romania has much more to offer!”. These words, coming from a guest of our country, are trying to be a wake up call for Romanians who think that only Dracula‘s story is of interest to the foreigners coming here.

Despite the fact that Gading Whayu Ajeng Parasati, Second Secretary of The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, was born in a country full of luxuriant vegetation and dramatic landscapes that charm tourists, Romania has managed to impress her.

During a pleasant chat with The Romanian Matrix, Gading Parasati confessed that, in spite of the distance that separates our countries, she finds them in the same vein. From the very beginning, Parasati pointed out that both countries have something very valuable: their people‘s warmth.

Gading Parasati, talking to The Romanian Matrix

Gading Parasati, talking to The Romanian Matrix Photo: Mihai Vladu

„I very much appreciate Romania‘s natural beauty, but I also love Bucharest. It is such a vibrant city! I previously thought the Eastern-Europeans to be taciturn. But people here are so warm! I have noticed that Romanians are not selfish, they do not keep to themselves. That is why I think Romanians keep their families together, like Indonesians do”.

The stories about Romania‘s beautiful landscapes and pristine nature have crossed the borders, and another such story will be told in Indonesia:

„When I discuss Romania with my friends, I will urge them: «Visit that country, because it has really beautiful nature, it is a sightseer’s paradise». In terms of tourism, though, you could stop saying that Romania is Dracula‘s country, because it is a myth and it is not true. It obfuscates the beauty of Romania, plus that it sounds a bit dark. Romania is not dark. You keep saying that Romania is full of vampires. It is not true. For me, Romania is a green country, a wonder of nature. Do not hide it behind those vampires!”.

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