Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The use of www.matricea.ro (henceforth called Romanian Matrix) and of its content is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Romanian Matrix is a secular and civic cultural platform, promoting the culture and spirituality of Romania, the Romanian language and respect toward other cultures within the Romanian territory, as well as intercultural cooperation.

Romanian Matrix is non-political and autonomous.

Romanian Matrix rejects and condemns all forms and shows of antisemitism, racism and xenophobia. They are incompatible with its values and founding principles, based on tolerance and interculturality.

The data presented through Romanian Matrix can be used solely for information purposes, and not for commercial or profit-making purposes.

Any reproduction, distribution, adaptation or other type of change to the content generated by Romanian Matrix, without the written consent of the owner of Romanian Matrix, “Bulboacă & Asociaţii SCA”, is strictly forbidden.

The users of Romanian Matrix are prohibited to distribute the content of the platform, irrespective of the medium they employ, without explicitly indicating the source, the name of the author and the link to the content on Romanian Matrix, where applicable.

The users of Romanian Matrix are forbidden to collect personal data (irrespective of the type of data and the method of collecting it) through the Romanian Matrix platform.

Romanian Matrix does not hold any responsibility for the content of other websites that can be accessed through its medium.

The owner of the online cultural magazine Romanian Matrix (www.matricea.ro) is “Bulboacă & Asociaţii SCA”. The media content published by Romanian Matrix does not necessarily reflect the official views of “Bulboacă & Asociaţii SCA”. Any liability concerning the accuracy and coherence of the information shared via Romanian Matrix, as well as the responsibility for the opinions expressed on the platform, lies with its editors and the authors of the articles, where applicable.

The users of Romanian Matrix are subject to legal provisions in Romania, irrespective of the country from where they access Romanian Matrix.

All content (text, video, audio, graphics) of the articles published on Romanian Matrix, as well as the respective copyright is property of “Bulboacă & Asociaţii SCA”, with the exception of distinctively marked instances.

“Bulboacă & Asociaţii SCA” retains the right to operate any changes to the content and / or to the structure of the platform without any prior notification of the users.

“Bulboacă & Asociaţii SCA” and its partners involved in the process of creation or distribution of the content pertaining to Romanian Matrix are not liable for any direct or indirect damage, of any kind, resulting from / in connection with the use of the platform or its content by users.

Romanian Matrix allows its users to publish comments (subject to moderation in the spirit of civilised debate, tolerance and preventing harm to the human dignity) and permits hosting, sharing and publishing the content made available on www.matricea.ro to social networks. Any comments that will be approved are not confidential, nor have any copyright.

The users of Romanian Matrix hold complete responsibility for the comments they publish and for the use of all other options associated to the content.

“Bulboacă & Asociaţii SCA” retains the right to moderate any defamatory or ribald comments aimed at the Firm.